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From Total Population Health to Centers of Excellence

Since 1913, EHE International has been dedicated to helping organizations improve healthcare, reduce costs, and manage risks. It is a true Center of Excellence backed by one of the largest databases on healthy patient values in the world and protocols specifically designed for early detection of preventable disease and associated risk factors.

This white paper on being a preventive healthcare Center of Excellence (COE) is offered to provide some background information on COEs, outline some position statement points, and give food for thought for organizations seeking to understand why a COE in preventive medicine is a good choice to consider. Readers will also learn of pitfalls to avoid, why quality is key, what are real challenges a COE should address, and how to measure real results.

This insightful white paper is a must read for anyone interested in improving health outcomes within their organizations. Download your copy of On Being...A Preventive Healthcare Center of Excellence.. ►

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